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It’s intended to help you when you are seeking guidance in the important decisions regarding the design or development of your website.  It includes answers to simple but important questions like “How to Select a Template Design” as well as some very technical material.  For instance, we have tutorials on a number of subjects connected with website design and development.

We hope it serves you well.  It is a project that is growing every day, to serve you even better.


About Web Design Templates
    What Is A Web Design Template?
    Templates Usage Advantages
    Which type of the template is the best for me and what's the difference?

Purchasing Our Products
    Payment Interface and Terms of Purchase
    Methods of Payment
    Solving Download Problems

Software Requirements
    Logo Template Software Requirements
    Regular Template Software Requirements
    CSS Template Software Requirements
    Full Site Template Software Requirements
    Flash Animated Template Software Requirements
    Flash Intro Template Software Requirements
    Flash Site Software Requirements
    Full Package Template Software Requirements
    PHP-Nuke Theme Template Software Requirements
    Fireworks Template Software Requirements
    3 Color Template Software Requirements
    Links to Required Software on Web

What's inside?
    Logo Template Structure
    Regular Template Structure
    CSS Template Structure
    Full Site Template Structure
    Flash Animated Template Structure
    Flash Intro Template Structure
    Flash Site Template Structure
    Full Package Template Structure
    PHP-Nuke Theme Template Structure
    Fireworks Template Structure
    3 Color Template Structure

Managing Your Web Design Template Quick Guide
    Unzipping Template Package
    Installing Fonts
    How to Customize Your Template
    Creating Subpages
    Uploading Files to Your Web Hosting
    Installing PHP-Nuke Theme
    CSS Template Editing Tips

Working with template using HTML editor
    Opening HTML File
    Changing Text in HTML Editor
    Changing Text Font and Color in HTML Editor
    Setting Links in HTML Editor
    Adding Images with HTML Editor

Customization of your template in Adobe Photoshop
    Opening PSD File
    Changing Text in Adobe Photoshop
    Changing Images in Adobe Photoshop
    Changing Image Colors in Adobe Photoshop
    Update Changes to Your Template

Working with Flash
    Opening Your FLA File
    Changing Text in Flash
    Assigning Links in Flash
    Changing Images in Flash
    Publishing Your Flash Movie

Additional Questions
    About CSS Templates